Helpful Hints for Singing in a Band

Published: 19th May 2010
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Let's face it, whether you've wanted to learn how to become a singer or not, you've probably dreamt of being the lead singer of a band. Touring, connecting with fans, playing music you love - sounds like fun doesn't it? It absolutely is, however people always overlook the amount of work and effort that is involved in order to be a successful singer. As a band you need to have a cohesive look and have good stage presence, but as the singer you are usually looked at as the face of the band, and therefore usually have to put more effort into performances. One advantage to singing in a band over other types of singers though is that your voice doesn't necessarily have to be perfect. Let's go into a bit more detail on these topics.

If you want to become a singer in a band, a couple things to consider would be your image and stage presence. As the singer in the band, usually people will think of you as the face of the band, so just in terms of going that extra mile your image should be on par or bit better than the band. This does not mean that image is more important than the skill of the band, it just means making sure there is a cohesive look going on. In terms of stage presence, the singer must put in a bit more effort than the rest of the band. Think about it this way; it's easier for the rest of the band to "hide" behind their instrument temporarily and get away with it, but as the singer all you've got is your mic in front of you so you have to compensate by moving around, feeling the music, connecting with the crowd, etc. Standing still won't cut it, however with practice this comes easier. Just have fun with it.

One of the advantages to singing in a band is that your voice doesn't have to be perfect. For example, the Idol competition is for people with amazing voices. You may have noticed though that a lot of lead singers in bands aren't actually the greatest singers. The reason why they can get away with it is because of the type of music the band is playing. If you're in a rock band, you can usually get away with having a raspier voice (kurt cobain anyone?). Nowadays there are a lot of bands using auto tune, which corrects your pitch and gives it a futuristic sound. This is not to be a replacement for not being able to sing though as auto tune is generally frowned upon unless it is being used for the effect. There are also a lot of singers who scream for their band as well, though this really requires impeccable care for your voice. For the most part, you'll have to work on being a good singer, but as said earlier it all depends on the type of music, and the effect you are going for.

Those are just some simple things to consider if you're deciding to go down the path of becoming a singer in a band. It can be fun and rewarding, but takes practice and effort as well. If you're passionate and want it bad enough, it can be achieved.

As you can see, singing in a band has its perks, but at the same time there are much more factors to consider when learning How to Become a Singer. Find out how you can get started at

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